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Who We Are

Best Choice Labour Hire & Crane Works is a specialist provider of labour solutions to the residential and commercial construction industries in the Sydney area.

We strongly believe that the success of any construction project depends on the talent and dedication of the workforce involved. Having a pool of carefully screened personnel, we’re able to supply long and short-term workers with a range of skill sets and experience. Our team will work closely with you to understand your company’s requirements and tailor the supply of labour to your specific needs.

We are a dependable, no-nonsense company that supplies a high standard of personnel. We have Health & Safety as our paramount, and as a result, we run thorough qualification checks to ensure that our personnel carry out their work safely and effectively. Health & Safety guidelines are closely monitored to guarantee that we are always compliant throughout our day-to-day operations and until the completion of a project.

Why Best Choice Labour Hire & Crane Works?

24/7 availability

Flexibility & 24/7 Availability

Labour hire gives you the flexibility to adjust staffing numbers according to the project requirements. If a short-term project requires a significant injection of labour, we can quickly adapt to the need and ensure the work is completed to schedule. You also no longer need to worry about rotations and scheduling of 24/7 operations.  

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Reduced Costs

The management overheads associated with organising full-time employees can make the difference between a healthy profit and just breaking even. Due to our economies of scale, the overheads are significantly reduced compared to in house employment.

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Simple HR

Our professional team will handle all the hiring, firing, Super, and Taxes. You simply pay for the days our teams attend your site. Rather than tracking and filing hundreds of timesheets a month, you simply check one invoice. Annual performance reviews are also a thing of the past. We continually monitor all of our staff’s performance. If there is feedback about a particular piece of work, we will handle it efficiently and discreetly.  

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Reliable, Experienced & Skilled Workforce

For any project to be successful, it must draw upon a wide range of experienced staff. It is often not possible for a construction company to employ experts in every area. It, therefore, makes sense to call the expert you need for the job in hand. Where a large long-term project requires dedicated staff for months or years, we can provide a team of workers for whatever duration you require. Once you have tried labour hire, you will never turn back. The benefits and savings will become immediately apparent.

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Constant WHS Training & High Safety Standards

Everybody understands the need for the processes and procedures that keep everyone healthy and safe. Tracking, monitoring, and ensuring that safety procedures are followed is a significant management and admin overhead. Detailed records need to be held on a range of subjects, from training records and personnel checks, to accident logs.

Our state-of-the-art software allows us to ensure everyone is trained, insured, and in good health at all times. Toolbox briefings are held at the beginning of every shift in compliance with good industry practice. We also equip all our staff with the highest quality PPE (a high cost for any workforce).  

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Multiple Trades

As a leading party in the construction labour industry, we do not tie ourselves to one specific construction area. Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry, we have developed a team of experts across all the major disciplines. In addition, we have a large contingent of specialists in more specific niche areas. When it comes to construction labour, we will always provide a full crew. We also provide workforce for Infrastructure, Manufacturing, Container Logistics and Production Line.

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Safety Pack

It is the intent and policy of our company that work health safety management is built into all aspects of our operations and activities that we undertake. With regard to Work Health and Safety, Best Choice Labour Hire shall:

  • Comply with the WHS legislation, relevant Industry Standards or Codes of Practice, as far as is reasonably practicable to do so.
  • Adopt a pro-active, risk management approach to WHS through the identification of hazards, risk assessment and elimination or control of those hazards.

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Promote a safe and healthy work environment for people at work that protects them from injury and illness.

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Promote safe systems of work and provide safe equipment.

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Provide adequate safety information, induction and training to ensure that employees understand the company safety objectives and standards of performance

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Investigate incidents thoroughly and thus learn from mistakes.

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Facilitate consultation and co-operation between management and employees in achieving health and safety objectives.

You Can Count On Us

You can count on us

Like all our past and current clients, you can count on us. Here are the reasons our customers say they like doing business with us: 

Our prices are competitive

Thanks to our streamlined processes and efficient HR department, we can employ and manage a large team of experienced construction workers. Thanks to our professional management processes, we guarantee quality on every job.

We bring direct construction business experience

Best Choice Labour Hire & Crane Works has been a key player in the construction industry for over seven years. During that time, we have provided labour for almost every type of construction work – from machine operators to senior managers. This vast and varied experience from across the construction industry is invaluable. During this time, we have supplied labour to many of the most famous names in the industry. Our teams’ vast experience working for the top construction firms can now be shared with everyone. 

We are solution-focused – like you

When approaching a new job, we will work with your team to evaluate the project’s ultimate goal. With this in mind, we can propose a comprehensive package of work that ensures you meet your project milestones on time and to a controlled budget. Our experienced project managers ensure that the building/site manager is fully supported throughout the works. 

We are committed to being reliable and approachable

For projects to be completed successfully on time and on budget, a tight ship must be run. Late arrivals and last-minute cancellations are never tolerated. Our HR team ensure all our workers carry the company’s ethos for reliability and commitment with them on every job. 

For a site to function safely, clear communication is critical. To achieve this goal, we only employ workers who can clearly speak and understand English.  

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Best Choice Labour Hire & Crane Works acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land on which its operations sit. We recognise and pay respect to Elders past, present and emerging.

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